John Hidley

This was our first house-building project and we approached it carefully but with some trepidation. We looked at the houses of a number of recommended Ojai builders, interviewed several and talked with their references. In the end we selected Scott, and we’re very glad we did.

Scott is straight forward, patient, intelligent, congenial and honest. He brings extensive experience to bear. He told us up front what the process would be like, the decisions we would need to make and what to expect as the construction progressed. Importantly, he explained the implications of the various decisions required — both implications for cost and for the effect on how the building would turn out and hold up — and he worked with us to solve problems. His recommendations are clear and easy to understand. He provides a monthly accounting and stays on schedule and within budget. We found all of Scott’s subs to be reliable, good craftsmen who welcomed our presence on site and our questions. Working closely with our architect (Here Design, Santa Monica), Scott built us a house that is both finely detailed and will last. Finally, he maintained an excellent relationship with our our neighbors-to-be and was thoughtful in making the construction process as easy on them as possible.

Between Scott and our architect we got exactly the house we wanted and we couldn’t be happier with the construction process and the house.

John HidleyOjai Resident